Advertising by Stavsounds


Prop up and take a gander
From Egypt to Rwanda
To Chinese Pandas and attacks from the Taliban
Or 9/11 on our calendars
It’s the familiar mantras
Get inside our comrades like cancers
Mouthpieces for nations
are faker than a thousand Santa’s
War on drugs.. who’s winning?
Through spin and mud-slinging
they neglect the fact that they can’t police
despite the fact they say there’s peace
it’s a secret that they keep
That they controlled it from the beginning
The NSA checking emails
Marketers have your details
Whistleblowers the new crusaders
Every soul is up for retail
racists and fascists all make a packet
While celebrities smile with new designer jackets
On the front of heat magazine
Oh have you seen
Cleansed by chlorine
and the floride in Colgate
not only keeps your teeth clean
but your mind sparkling white
And you think it’s alright
But consider your leaders
and what else is out of sight….

Synopsis: It’s hard to hide from anything these days. The public are obsessed with secrets of celebrities and of each other, constantly exposing other’s misdemeanours through social media etc. in order to make their own lives fill up with meaning if only for 5 minutes. Sometimes though, secrets are better kept when out in the open. The more obvious you are the less people notice. This way the powers that be can blame crackpot conspiracy theorists and internet weirdos. The same people who Google who Justin Bieber’s colonic irrigationist is are the same people who are fooled the most through media spoon-feeding and being made to believe that they are living in a world that’s safe. Governments and people in power know more than we can ever contemplate. I have written a piece entitled ‘Advertising’ which plays on the openness of secrets despite no-one ever finding out or realising. Ambiguity is always the key to any secret no matter how big.

Bio: Poet, rapper, beatmaker, DJ, and master procrastinator are things that Steve Hill aka Stavsounds pretends to be. Using a combination of an inherent love of hip hop music and the english language I cast a cynical eye over everything with a mountain of salt and a just a dash of vitriol. I’m currently living and working in Vietnam. Check out some of my work at @stavsounds


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