Black Gold and Trainlapse/Trucklapse by Quintus Kropholler

TRAINLAPSE trainlapse_klein2   TRUCKLAPSE trucklapse kadmium BLACK GOLD PRESS_BlackGold2_QuintusKropholler Synopsis: My work generally is about the things we all know, but rarely are actually conscious off. Trainlapse is that in it’s own way. It reveals something we all experience, but don’t see. I consider this something as a secret of our unconsciousness we keep from ourselves, until you start looking for it. Trainlapse is mainly about our personal hyper-subjective way of looking, or state of mind. It is simply showing everything you don’t see when you look at a random image, but really is there, right after interference of your mind defining that exact thing you see. Trucklapse focusses rather more on the cliché of the moment, the spectacle of the daily happening of a sunset, showing something you never would expect from such. Also this to me carries a secret, a little different and maybe even more clear than Trainlapse, because that daily spectacle covers the factual truth of our surrounding. This maybe is the core of both works and closely relating to for example something like Wiki-leaks or the Snowden affaire, the thing they have in common is the fact that no-one asked about such before it got presented. Simply because of one thing: we just assume the obvious, why: for the same reason we take escalators instead of the stairs. Black Gold is my latest work, currently being shipped off to Milan for its first show. It is a collection of 9 monumental objects made from asphalt. With the Black Gold project I felt cheated upon by society the very moment I entered the asphalt laboratorium in Eemnes, The Netherlands. The reason I came there is because of a suspicion and a theory, but it turned out beyond my imagination which made total sense at the same time. I discovered a secret, about a material, but even more about the public interest in something so common as asphalt, namely the fact that no one to my knowledge ever asked oneself anything about it. For example the people who work in road construction, which surprisingly many people do, barely get asked about it nor started someone paying proper attention to this after meeting with some one from that business. This apparent secret is kept in place by ourselves because of it’s obviousness. My intensions with this project is to ring a bell that makes people aware of this good and it’s values to society, and therefor the individual, by making these monuments. I think in general that secrecy is kept in place by the individual until one starts asking questions. For what I can tell is that this only happens when one finds something confronting moral and urges to intervene. Thats when the individual becomes a mass and the ‘world’ has the chance to move to the verge of change. Bio: I was deter mend to become an Architect, since i thought i knee Architects made the world around me. Street lanterns, public benches, houses, cars, tables, pencils is all i thought of wanting to make. later I found out that there were many complicated titles for all the sorts of people that actually do this and the one thing most of those people’s titles had in common was ‘design-‘. Thats what it had to be. Studying Design i soon found out everything is actually already there and began to interest for, what i found out later to be, the thing described by astronauts when they go out to space for the first time, called: the Overview Effect. I switched from Industrial Design in Amsterdam to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, to study design in an Art School and found my own way after three years. Now, as a single man studio I focus on the common things in our lives ‘space ship earth’ already has aboard, working with philosophical and sociological themes that tell something about ourselves and our behaviour.


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