Paintings by Damian Pounds



Synopsis: These works relate to the theme of manipulating the freedom of information, by reconstructing publically available images into symbolic representations. The ambiguity surrounding each piece is an attempt to add a sense of mystery and unanswered questions. I aim for these factors to contribute to the understanding of what we really now or interpret from an image. What secrets are attached? And what a seemingly subtle representation can really mean. The concept behind both these pieces is to symbolise a contemporary example of lost and faded recognition for a once important person. Similar to the way many renaissance paintings could be viewed today. I used 1940s actress “Gene Tierney” and 1920/30 silent film actress “Dorothy Janis” as inspiration. I have attempted to combine the nostalgic quality of both actresses’ appearances with modern styles and techniques. This is to help transform each actress into a purely aesthetic painting. Although the question of who is this person? is still attached.

Bio: My practice consists largely of a highly visual aesthetic approach, which includes subjects and themes surrounding cultural and social issues such as taste, value and the importance of visual language. A key aspect of my practice is in connection to the problematic situation of the terms “high” and “low” in contemporary art. I attempt to distinguish the differences and potential criteria which can ultimately result in my art work being referred to or considered as “low” or “high” art. Ultimately I aim to create work which embodies the knowledge of these terms but as a result knowingly contradicts them, the desired effect of the outcomes being that they feed into the stereotypical associations in order to create the illusion of “high art” posing as “low art” This is aimed to leave the question of what can this work be classed as?
My studio work tends to be two dimensional mixed media paintings, which include materials such as spray paint, acrylic paint, and a wide selection of inks. My techniques draw heavily on the development of processes including the use of multiple layer hand cut stencils and aesthetic composition between my chosen materials.


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