The War on Terror by Rebecca Fatharly

The War of Terror

The War on Terror
The word that instils fear
Into the souls of the people
This rhetoric has been manipulated
To create suspicious looks
As a young Asian boy boards the same bus
Or as an excuse
For police to interrogate the innocent
In this climate of anxiety
It is understandable
That the terror is hyped up by media
Who just need to sell to live.
But this battle is not just about security
At airports and significant monuments
But about the psychological warfare
Different ethnicities suffer.
Their war on terror extends beyond public transport
It haunts them as they walk home from school
As they play in parks
Forever with a look over their shoulder
The War on Terror?
More like
The War of Terror.

Synopsis: The poem I wrote was to address the institutional racism that has haunted people ever since George Bush declared the ‘War on Terror.’ Whilst he only meant for it to be aimed at extremist militants, the effect was much more close to home with people from ethnic minorities being interrogated when innocent, and with the rise of racist attacks, people began to no longer feel safe.

Bio: I am currently a second-year undergraduate studying English and American Literature at the University of Kent. After graduating I wish to become a Journalist or freelance writer.


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