Call for submissions: Issue 3 – Culture Clash

  • Hello there #ZeitHeisters! We’re very excited to release the theme for Issue 3… ‘CULTURE CLASH’.

    Interpret that as you may, but with current events circling around terror groups such as Isis and Boko Haram, we made these posters to help prompt your imaginations. This theme encompasses any form of contemporary culture clashing – be it terrorism or any other topical ‘ism’. East vs West? Israel vs Palestine? Freedom fighter vs terrorist? Governments vs people? ANY form of ANY current culture clash.

    What’s going on? What do you think? Where do you stand? Submit to ZeitHeist and get your voice heard!

    We are now open for all your creative submissions and voices. Send them to… We can’t wait to hear from you!




    ZH issue 3 poster 2

  • 12 thoughts on “Call for submissions: Issue 3 – Culture Clash

      • Absolutely anything that tickles your fancy! Heaven forbid we would attempt to limit or censor your creativity. Haikus, films, essays, mimes, interpretive dances, photography, rap, spoken word, art, thoughts, musings, reactions, responses… Or any new creative response you would care to invent! We look forward to your submission jrbenjamin!


    1. Excellent – been looking for a site like this to express myself. Was getting so fed up with the limited art world out there, where everything is safe and cozy. If I ever dared to add a ‘controversial’ image to my gallery on a ‘mainstream’ site, there would be hell to pay, which is a shame of course, as all the best art is what comes from the heart, not some generic ‘seen it all before’ stuff we see everywhere, regurgitated over and over.

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    2. Hi there. Thought I’d drop by and thank you for following my blog. I’m just a little curious about yours. Is this like an online magazine? What are these submissions for? Can I get involved? Are you Brazilian? (I noticed the photo for the World Cup and I live in Brazil, so I was just wondering.)

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      • Hi there! Thanks for getting in touch! We’re an international online arts magazine that publishes submissions based on current affairs! We change the theme every three months based on what’s trending globally and we accept all submissions from ANYONE! So we would LOVE you to get involved? Our theme for Issue 2 is Rebels With a Cause – and we’ve used the Rio protests as an example of current rebellion. Is this what you wanted to submit about? Drop us an email at Lovely to hear from you!


        • I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. It’s because I was traveling from north-east Brazil to Canda, which took two full days, while sick. Anyhow, another question for you. With this theme, “Rebels with a Cause”, one would submit any type of writing piece with this subject? Is that correct? Or would it have to bee about the protests in Rio and São Paulo (Brazil in general actually)?
          Thank you.


        • Not to worry! You got it! You can submit any writing or art or creative response to do with this theme. We’re all about a creative response to current affairs!


        • No worries! Just to let you know the theme will change at the end of the month, so if you want to submit to Issue 2 – Rebels With a Cause, here’s a head’s up!


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