Mango Trees by Norah Hamill



mango tree 1

The first verse is a nursery rhyme.


my brother did a-tell me that you go mango walk/

you go mango walk/ that you go Mango walk/

my brother did a tell me that you go mango walk/

and steal all the number eleven s/


so  let s all walk to/ the mango trees/

the mango trees/the mango trees/

so let s  all walk to the mango trees

the mango mangled trees/

where leaves weaved

pink and green shriek sin/

as scarfs still haunt for

two dalit girls/ two dalit girls/

two dalit girls/ who could not show face

who must hold excrements disgrace

be humans waste/

pumped humped into

a night’s sense of relief/

for some traditional patriarchal belief

that men must maintain/

whilst women refrain/

authority over their reproductive powers/

they damage bruise blame

mango sweet smelling flowers

who continue to have no name/

killed bearing the stigma of shame/

touched for being untouchable

in the mango trees/in the mango trees

a nations mangled tree

norah hamill (2014)


mango tree 2

we’ve got our lycria pants on/

but you don’t stand a chance John/

ye’ll just have to og on- on yer own/

don’t think that you can own us/

or even just control us/

tell us how to dress/

just because we wear our breasts/

under lycria lycria lycria vests/

we’ve had a fuckin’ nuff john

of your misogynistic wrong song/

for you try to blame us/

for your inadequacies then you shame us/

but you will not contain us/

no you will not contain us/


you will not contain us

with your toxic view of masculinity that breeds war on women/

you will not contain us with yer belief to sexual entitlement/

‘cos at the end of the day john

there is no difference between those and thee

who would have good women  hang from the mango tree/

so  lets all walk by the mango tree/ the mango mangled tree/

and remember/

norah hamill (2014)

russian punk band provocateurs

in the streets of Russia women sing


the pussy has shaken and also stirred

the kremlin of christ to express their word

a crude violation of the social order

yet putin defends asad’s syrian border

sentenced to two years for hooligan behaviour

who sentenced them?

not christ the saviour

for what putin wants/ putin gets

he ll/ light up the fires

‘til all freedon expires

shit shit holy shit



the pussy has shaken and also stirred

a collective feline in a global world

making men denounce their gods

politicians bankers as frauds

a moving back to creativity and growth

neither east nor west- but one and both



still the west cannot confess

to its narrow minded gender address

pussy riot a no go

l/a  papers imposed logo

russian punk band provocateurs

because it too has had its freedom denied

both these patriarchal systems/lies

the west versus east and the east versus west

to see who in the cold war is best

only through keeping good women suppressed

shit shit holy shit


Bio: Norah Hamill is noted predominantly for her activist/ anarchic tendencies both in front and behind the scenes in many grass-roots activities from the grow your own movement Incredible Edible. As a permaculture activist she has urged people to reclaim power by printing their own money etc

Norah was born in Belfast in 1972 and most of my formative years where directly witnessing or being involved in The Troubles. Her experiences of growing up in The Troubles and doing hands on community work with vulnerable and marginalized  to date has influenced much of her writing especially the asylum she I has been involved with. Norah feels she has gained insight into many areas from hunger to terrorism which she constantly researches away from mainstream media. Norah has a degree in Politics and Media. Norah has been busy as a single parent. Norah  was published years ago in a local anthology called Calder Voices when she lived in Todmorden and was celebrated in the local rag and has only recently started to write again Norah did her first open mike November and folk seemed to enjoy it and its been received on local radio. She was asked to do a spot at Huddersfiled Literature festival and will be doing another spot at the Ilkley and Bradford festival with a new group called Warriors of the Yew facilitated by Leeds based poet Rommi Smith.

Norah is currently working on a few books and putting some work with music with a local musician Martin Christie.



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