There will be no revolution by Matt Hume

There will be no revolution


We stand before you broken, beaten, and tired.

We have no strength left to fight.

We can no-longer resist the burden that is forced upon us.

We can no longer fight the good fight against mediocrity and populism.

We are to become sheep.

There will be no revolution.

We will follow your religion without question or deviance.

We will obey your laws without falter.

Listen to your politicians,

read your newspapers,

watch your televisual brainwash.

We will not deny ourselves the chance

to be influenced by advertising,

the celebrity circus,

and all the media fair.

We will resign our free spirited mind to the masses.

Join the melting pot,

let fashion dictate our clothes,

our hair,

our accessories,

and the cars we drive.

There will be no revolution.

We will succumb to the property sponge;

buying into overpriced houses we cannot afford,

while happily, blindly, paying a loan shark by any other name

a non-negotiable, non-associable rate of interest.

We will contribute to your expensive taxes,


health plans,

dental care,

and charitable organizations,

without considering where or how the money is spent.

We will worship your one true god,

striving to fill your bank accounts with as much of it as possible,

substituting any need for a spiritual identity

with that of material greed.

And we will not rest or relax

until the day we can no longer raise our bodies to work,

or dedicate our life to the almighty purpose of slavedom

There will be no revolution.

Children, there will be no revolution today.

We will eviscerate and feed ourselves upon

a sexuality that finds pre-pubescent girls and boys desirable,

quench your lust with malnutritioned,


neurotic partners,

who strive to stay young,

in a vain attempt to deny our mortality and lack of purpose.

And we will condemn those who cannot understand,

interpret or define your blurred borders,

by labeling them ‘different’ or ‘abnormal’,



and exclude them,



and exile them,

from your social utopia which we proclaim to have created;

your advanced,


the very height of an evolutionary pinnacle.

There will be no revolution.

We will continue to ignore

the growing global contamination

of our one and only true asset –

our home,

The Earth.

Because we will find it easier,

and eventually more rewarding

to do nothing when faced with the concept

of diverting from the course

of your self-perpetuating system of rules and regulations.

There will be no revolution!

We will continue to deny responsibility

for any of your or our ancestral in-justices,

ignorance and merciless violence,

by hiding behind feel good,

guilt relieving constructs,

such as biased education,

the pretence of religion,


and false morality.

We will continue to relish in our ability to fuck,

to glorify the fundamental instinct of propagation.

We will congratulate ourselves for recognizing

and defining our own purpose,

in the continued production of weapons,

and feebly hide behind the proposition,

that they, bring us to a state of peace.

We will never relinquish the fantasy of control.

We will never succumb to the reality of a simple life.

There will be no revolution.

People, there will be no revolution today.

© M.R. Hume 2014



I first wrote this when I was a student in the early 90’s, coming out

of the Thatcher / Reagan first world supremacy, as far as I could see

the UK was in a mess, and most of the rest of the world wasn’t too

far behind. I was an angry twenty-something (as you may be able to

tell) who couldn’t understand why people allowed themselves to be

mollified by culture, when they should’ve been breaking down the doors

of parliament. I revised this poem last year because I found it quite

amazing that nothing very much had changed.


I studied as a journalist and in the process realised that the majority

of our media was redundant drivel. So, now I work in higher education

and write in my spare time, combining poetry and prose, often in a

haphazard style. Aside from a handful of articles, I have written two

novels, both still unpublished. I am currently working a third novel, and a

collection of poetry, both of which I intend to publish myself as e-books.


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