A Clash in Britpop Culture by Georgia Leggott

The 90’s Britpop years had it, the biggest clash in music culture. Oasis or Blur?


Since the imperial period of Britpop culture, beginning with the release of Blur’s Park life- 25 April 1994 – and lasting until the release of Oasis’s Be Here Now – August 1997 20 years ago, when the music was quashed into the label ‘’indie’’- there has been an on-going battle between possibly two of the biggest names ever to exist in the music industry.

Warring of the charts caused a major feud when both bands respective labels decided as marketing stunt to set release of their new singles ‘’Roll with it’’, Oasis and ‘’ Country House’’, Blur on the same day. The resulting news coverage turned this event into a bitter  class war between the Northern working class Oasis and the Southern middle class Blur. Winning the battle of the bands Blur, sold 274,000 copies to Oasis’ 216,000 with the songs charting at number one and number two respectively.

Oasis later went in front of the battle of the band winners when smashing the US with singles ‘’Wonderwall’’ and ‘’Champagne supernova’’. Further, Oasis’s second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? ,1995, became the third best-selling album in British history, selling over 4 million copies in the UK. 

Labelling the warring of the charts between the bands as ‘’the battle of Britpop’’ this rivalry was more than just a clash of their music, it was a clash of Britpop culture of North South division, Oasis dividing the North of England with Blur dividing the south.

Graham Coxon’s official leave of Blur followed by Oasis’s breakup in 2009 after the brothers’ poor relationship on tour, the era of Britpop was to have no new material from either of the rivalry bands.

But the feud did not end until March 23, 2013 at London’s Royal Albert Hall, when Noel Gallagher, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon  (with the mod farther Paul Weller on drums) performed Blur’s Hit ‘’Tender’’ together on stage for the fourth night of Teenage Cancer Trust . April 2014 it was put to rest that there was no more rivalry of who was the best of Britpop when Damon Albarn declared his belief that Oasis was the better band. Damon Albarn: “I think Oasis were better than Blur.”

Bio: Hi, I’m Georgia a 16 year old aspiring music journalist. I have my own blog in which I often update with latest reviews of gigs- www.georgiasmusicnotes.WordPress.com and I occasionally write for fashion soundtrack.



Synopsis: My piece responds to the theme of culture clash by showing how in the same culture two things can cause a clash in opinion and divide the North from the South.

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