Independence Day by Rebecca Fatharly


01 May 1707

The birth of a Nation.

At first tensions were high,

After much blood shed

By each side.

Years past

And warring factions

Who had been sworn enemies

Finally came together

As friends.

Bloodlines interweave as ribbons,

Tying us together

Binding to make

A whole.

18 September 2014

The day that will decide

Whether the United Kingdom lives

Or if it dies.


Bio and Synopsis: I am Scots born, but was raised in England. Despite this, I have always felt as if Scotland was an integral part of my identity. I love Scotland. However, I am very much against independence from the UK, because as a nation we are better together. The world is already divided as it is; why do we need to make the world any smaller? I believe independence is a step into the past rather than into the future.


2 thoughts on “Independence Day by Rebecca Fatharly

  1. We felt the same thing here in Canada when Quebec voted for separation. In 1980 the vote was 60 to 40 to stay. The separatists worked diligently, and were very hopeful in 1995 when there was another vote. That one was 50.6 to 49.4. Canada breathed a huge sigh of relief. A lot of hearts were broken in Quebec, to be so close to their dream and see it slip away. Essentially the cause was lost then, and the separatist party has never had as much support since. Only 25% this year. It will be very interesting to see how things unfold with Scotland’s vote.


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