Liberalism: bridging the gap by Sophie Kaitcer


While we often look up to our elders as leaders in the community, the events of late have somewhat led to the unexpected. Of course, those with more life experience deserve respect and should not be downgraded, but when it comes down to opinions of the older generation, a glaringly obvious pattern seems to emerge.

What I’m referring to is the recent happenings between Israel and Hamas, and the consequent views of diaspora Jews. In particular, there is one key influence dividing those that sit on the left and those on the right hand side of the political spectrum- age.

Despite whether you support the cause, most would agree that innocent deaths on either side are wrong, but it is no secret that there has been a subsequent rise in anti-Semitism as a result of the situation in Israel, that is breeding its way across Europe.

In wake of this recent increase in anti-Semitic sentiment and as a member of a youth organisation, I have discovered that slowly but surely us youths are on a mission to re-educate with a liberal viewpoint and open the minds of senior members of society.

It’s not as if the older generations don’t support peace in the Middle East and obviously this isn’t a clear-cut theory, but it is emerging that older Jews may often overlook government policy in Israel that may be hindering the peace process. An example is the building of further settlements in the West Bank, which as adolescents we have no problem in questioning and opening debate over.

After all, communication is key, and to combat this culture clash between old and young we must start by allowing room for others to educate from knowledge and personal experiences. Only then can we overcome the problem of hostility against Jews as a collective, standing as one against an international issue that we are not liable to pay the price for.

Bio: I’m Sophie Kaitcer and I work in Public Relations, where I have developed a passion for writing. As a member of Habonim Dror, a youth organisation, I have been educated about a variety of topics, including the Israeli-Arab conflict and problems that we face in today’s society. @sdkaitc

Synopsis: I was inspired to write this piece after the recent conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. As I watched opinions unravel amongst members of the Jewish community, a common trend appeared revealing that youth were far more liberal on the whole, leading to a culture clash between the the old and young.

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