There is much more to a person than the uniform they wish to wear. Burka or knickers. by Rhian Sugden



This picture basically sums up what a mixed and messed up society we live in.

Being a page 3 girl I have received criticisms from all angles with regards to the career path I have chosen which evidentially means I wear fewer clothes that the average job. This was my decision. I don’t parade around the streets half naked and I certainly don’t feel that my career choice is dominated by males. I actually have A LOT of female fans, who see me for more than just a glamorous image.

There is a common misconception of lingerie models/glamour girls. Just because we look a certain way people assume that we are driven into ‘stripping off’ for all the wrong reasons. From the status I have achieved… I have raised thousands and thousands of pounds for charities, I have been able to look after myself, my family and my friends in financial difficulties and I can hold my hands up and say I am proud to be a page 3 girl as I have achieved more than some people would in a lifetime.

People just see an image of me, or other page 3 girls, connect us to a stereotype and just assume that there is no ambition and nothing on the inside. I am not a still image; I create an image, like actors create a character. My images don’t dominate me. It is a choice I have made.

Same goes for Muslims when wearing Burkas. I believe that the actual face veil isn’t even compulsory in all religions but some females choose to wear them as a sign of respect to their husbands and family. Their own decision. If that’s how they want to live and that is the religion they want to follow, who are we to mock them and tell them what is right or wrong.

If I was to go into a Muslim country where ‘covering up’ was a sign of respect, I would do so without even thinking about it. The UK is more westernised and laid back, and walking around in scantily clad bikinis and making ourselves more image orientated just happens to be more popular than covering up in a burka. If people don’t want to conform to that, they don’t have to, but I don’t think it is politically correct for people to kick up a fuss and try and change the way we live. Nobody is doing anybody any harm.

Underneath the bikini and the burka we all, I assume, are the same with the same intentions. Looking out for our families, friends, beliefs and to be successful, respectful and happy.

I actually ended up in an argument recently with a husband of a Muslim females as he bellowed at me that I have no respect for myself. Let me just say, I have never swore in front of my parents, I would never smoke or act inappropriately in front of my parents. I actually have more respect for myself and others than the average joe. Another generalisation made against me because of a career choice.

People should be allowed to wear/do/make their own decisions, whether they are publiclly correct or not. Judgements shouldn’t be made so quickly, and society should not be destroyed by judgements.

If nobody is doing any harm, let people wear what they want and don’t ASSUME everything is male dominated. My decisions are dominated by myself. Nobody else.

There is much more to a person than the uniform they wish to wear. Burka or knickers.


Bio: Rhian Sugden is an international lingerie model and the longest-serving Page 3 model for The Sun. She is a passionate charity worker and has raised thousands of pounds for Get Kids Going, Male Cancer Awareness Charity, Help for Heroes and RSPCA.



One thought on “There is much more to a person than the uniform they wish to wear. Burka or knickers. by Rhian Sugden

  1. the viel isn’t compulsory is any form of islam, the koran just instructs people to dress modestly with no mention of viels, the level of coverage is cultural, not religious, and any muslim who knew their stuff could tell you as much.

    I’ve got no problem with people wearing what they like either, to a reasonable extent. a hijab and full length dress doesn’t bother me, but I honestly find the full face burka creepy and antisocial – you can’t interact on any sort of normal human level with someone who is wearing one – you can’t read thier expression or hear thier voice. I find it unsettling to be in the same room as someone whose face is covered.

    I agree with the french that it should be banned in public. Banks don’t allow people on the premises wearing balaclavas or motrobike helmets for a reason, why should a burka be any diferent?


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