In the Streets of Bolton by Norah Hamill (part 1)

Synopsis: The Man on The Bolton Street is part of a greater collection of poems called One The Street that

basically slates the media for it’s manipulation, gatekeeping ( how it’s hierarchies influence it’s flow of

information) and avoidance of saying it as it is. It asks you the reader to

“Glue your knowing,join up the dots

Ask. what are the reasons

Why are there the have and have not’s?”

On May 20th 2013 Anthony Breeze took his life due to debts incurred. It did not make mainstream media

news. The poem is in remembrance of him and all affected by austerity measures. The poem is in three

section the first the story of Anthony who begins to question why his situation is as it is when

corporations are getting away with murder..literally (including his own). So from the grave he begins his

naming and shaming of the corporate who pose a great threat to humanity, but who fail to be

mentioned in that light on mainstream media.

The second voice is that of the devil ( bankers/corporate) explaining how easy it is in our current culture

to dupe people into consumerism and debt..and also how easy it is for the devil to escape any form of

responsibility, “I’m not to blame” he explains it is his existence to ignite the situation.

The third voice is that of mine as a single parent on benefit driven to despair. I explain the situation I

have found myself in..the many hours of work I have done for free..Including planting thousand or more

of edible trees for community gardens etc ‘the seeds that I sow be the blessings you know”. The poem a

offers an antidote to our current situation,

“ dancing on the devil’s facebook page

demanding limits for all and a maximum wage”

… but remembering I like everyone else can be over whelmed and brought to the same place Anthony

Breeze has gone.

Bio: Norah Hamill, born in West Belfast 1972, later settled in West Yorkshire. During most of her

formative years she directly witnessed The Troubles and the effect that intergenerational war has

on mental health. Her experiences, growing up in The Troubles and doing hands on community work

with the vulnerable and marginalized has to date influenced much of her writing, especially asylum

cases she has been involved with. She has gained insight into many areas from domestic violence to

hunger and terrorism, which she constantly researches away from mainstream media. Norah has a

degree in Politics and Media and has been busy as a single parent.

Noted predominantly for her activist/ anarchic tendencies both in front and behind the scenes in

many grass-roots activities including grow your own movement Incredible Edible to permaculture

activism she has urged people to reclaim power by printing their own currency. She has worked with

Amnesty International around issues of domestic violence and been involved with The One Billion

Rising campaign.

Published years ago in a local anthology called Calder Voices during the time she lived in Todmorden,

and celebrated in the local rag she has only recently started to write again. She did her first open

mic in November 2013, it was well received.

Currently published is her new book Mango’s 11’s and in an on-line magazine; Norah is working on a

few books which have gained some sponsorship.


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