In Yer Face-book by Norah Hamill (part 2)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 13.49.38

In yer face-book

Curled up as tangled fetuses, stillborn

children not able to breathe life.

Only goo-goo-google; waiting for

motherboard to validate existence.

Waiting for mother bored from googling.

Thus the narcissistic world watches, weights

its own reflection and ticks like.

It’s in yer face. It’s in yer face

It’s in yer face this facebook.

It’s in yer face. Yes it’s in yer face

It’s in yer face this facebook.

As she composes her pictionary protest,

screams as the commissar of what she does detest.

The world does not realize she has no choice

in escaping this prison with its door open.

For the dancing inter-web pulls hard, hard

upon the umbilical cord of alien-nation.

Born from thee that would be inquisitor,

she now laments with self embroiled martyrdom

of a tortured soul. She knows not any

sacred or inscrutable purpose, knows

no purpose other than waiting. Waiting

to be found, freed by loves kiss, so not

feel the painful passing hours on facebooks’

cage, so not feel the painful passing hours

of her-story’s rage, it would be enough if

she was really found there… waiting.


It’s in yer face. It’s in yer face.

It’s in yer space this facebook.

Yes it’s in yer face; keepin’ ye in place

It’s stealin’ yer face this facebook

Synopsis: In Yer Face-book, plays on the saying “in your face”, which of course the social media of facebook is. It

again has three parts the first story describes the neo gothic symbiotic relationship individuals have with

facebook as a mother. Facebook watches over you, gives folk the sense of validation a mother should

but with everyone addicted to social media the actual mother also is googling etc rather than giving the

child what it truly needs, human interaction, and so facebook is in control.

The second part is a chant/chorus that hopefully compounds all that is feared in the first part of the

poem. I like to hear it in my head as a punk chant.

The third part is a story of an individual stuck on facebook page, wanting to escape but can’t disentangle

herself without help. She is hopeful that she is found and that gives hope to the human race that she is

not alone in wishing to disentangle from the power of facebook and the corporations who control.


What do YOU think?

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