We have been up all night, my friends and I, beneath mosque lamps whose brass cupolas are bright as our souls, because like them they were illuminated by the internal glow of electric hearts. And trampling underfoot our native sloth on opulent Persian carpets, we have been discussing right up to the limits of logic and scrawling the paper with demented writing.

We are wringing our hands around the neck of the present. To hell with passive observers, we are creative responders. We are the mandrakes. The uprooted mandrake screaming about what’s going on and how and why, why, why.

We are ZeitHeist. We are capturing and cataloguing the now. In real life and in imagination. Under another sky, we hope to offer an archive of the past to our future brothers and sisters.

We capture, collect, record and respond to the spirit of the time. Every issue will respond to the zeitgeist, and we will welcome all art forms from all peoples. Show what we stand for, and what we stand against. Join us.


The Manifesto reads:

1.We believe in the importance of the cultural voice– the protest, praise, reaction and response.

2. We value the freedom of the internet.We are excited by new technological ways to connect to new people and new ideas, making them more accessible than ever. We celebrate their impact on creativity. We believe in sharing and spreading.

3. We want paper too. We want paper and ink. We believe in books and bending back the centrefold and folding the corners of our favourite pages and dropping it in the bath and getting sand and crumbs in the spine. We believe this is still worth paying for. One day, when we have money, we would like to make Zeitheist a printed publication too.

4. We encourage artists and creative people from around the world to come together to forge new dialogues, debates, projects and ideas. We welcome everyone to contribute to ZeitHeist and connect, collaborate and contemplate with other ZeitHeisters.

5. We don’t believe in exclusions. We want every voice. We support new artists, old ones, outsiders, insiders.

6. We encourage all art forms. We don’t discriminate against mediums. If you can invent a new form for your message, even better.

7. We want purpose in our art.We want it to be culturally indicative of and responsive to the NOW.

8. In the name of creative destruction, we go against the grain. We are no anaesthetised, homogenised, publicly correct interpretation of current affairs. ZeitHeist stands for active responses and proposals. We are a platform for a world that embraces the affair between old and new through a process of creative response and renaissance. We are a forum for discussions, ideas, debates and most importantly – and hopefully, change.

9. We aim to create an archive of the NOW– Our heist on the present. We will reflect the current climate by showcasing artistic collection, reflection recollection. We are the zeitgeist. We are ZeitHeist.


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